nova village townhomes, Davie, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Architectural Control

Q. What are "architectural" changes?

A. Anything that alters the exterior appearance of your unit, such as changing of windows, doors, paint color(s), removal of built-in planters, etc.

Q. If I want to make a change to the exterior of my home to look like a neighbor's home, do I still need Board approval?

A. Yes.

Q. What happens if I make changes consistent with that of other homes, but do not secure Board approval first?

A. The Board has the right to recommend a fine of $100 per day up to $1000 for the time you are not in compliance with obtaining Board approval. If the change made is not something the Board would approve such as a wood deck or a patio that exceeds the size allowed for your unit, the Board may also require you to undo the change or face additional fines and/or other action.

Governing Documents

Q. What are the "governing documents?"

A. The governing documents for Nova Village are the documents you received prior to purchasing your unit. They are on legal size paper, have pages of legal descriptions for the common properties, and contain amendments that have been adopted from time to time on a separate sheets of paper. The documents consist of (in ranking order, from highest to lowest) the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and the Bylaws of Nova Village Homeowners' Association. A copy of these documents can be found by selecting the Governing Documents' link above.

Basically, these documents contain the rules for living in Nova Village. Rules, which if violated, may result in a fine and/or suspension of privileges to use the common properties (pool, playground, tennis court, handball court).

Q. What are the most important sections?

A. The single, most important thing you can do to make a smooth transition into living in Nova Village is to read all of the governing documents. The state laws governing homeowners' associations (HOAs) in Florida do not require the Board to give you a "warning" before you are fined. However, the Nova Village Board almost always provides a warning before recommending a fine eventhough they are not legally obligated to do so.

The most important section(s) of the documents to become familliar with are contained in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. In particular, Article IV, Protective Covenants, through Article XII, General Provisions (contains the rules relative to fining homeowners' for rule violations), should be read thoroughly. Make sure you read the most recent Amendments, also.

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  • Board Of Directors

    Q. How and when is the Board of Directors elected?

    A. The Board of Director's elections are held at each Annual Genral Membership Meeting in April.

    They are elected by member vote -one vote per property- either in person or via proxy, which is mailed to each member approximately 2 weeks prior to elections.

    Q. How are the officers elected?

    A. Officers are elected by the Board of Directors, in a meeting immediately following the main elections.

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  • Meetings

    Q. What meetings are important for me to know about?

    A. The Annual Meeting of the General Membership is held on the fourth Tuesday in April of each year. This is the meeting where we elect members of the Board. The Board also meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month for its regular meetings.

    Q. Where and when are the meetings?

    A. They are held at 7:00pm at the Multi-Purpose Building of Davie-Pine Island Park. A map can be found by selecting the Meetings link above.

    Q. Do I have the right to speak at Board meetings?

    A. The new state laws governing homeowners' associations state that if you notify the Board in advance that you want to speak to a particular issue on the agenda, you have the right to do so. However, there is a Community Forum placed at the beginning of each meeting's agenda, so that owners have the opportunity to voice any concerns, issues or requests. At the same time, the Board has the right to limit your time (e.g., 3 minutes) because they have an obligation to get through all their agenda in the time allotted.

    In addition, if you want a particular issue to be placed on the agenda, you can request it of the Board, and if they should decline, you can get a petition signed by 20% of the homeowners to force the Board to put the issue on the agenda.

    The Board may choose to conduct their meetings less formally, allowing members present to speak on any of the issues without advance requests.

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  • Maintenance

    Q. How much is the monthly maintenance fee, and when is it due?

    A. The current monthly maintenance fee is $95. It is due on the first of every month.

    Q. What are my options for paying the fee.

    A. Payments may be rendered by check or money order, made payable to Nova Village HOA.

    They can be mailed to: Nova Village HOA, 2285 Nova Village Drive, Davie, FL 33317.

    Payments can also be dropped in the mail slot of the maintenance shed located behind the pool on the west side.

    You can also pay using PayPal's website ( by sending the payment to: NVHOATREASURER@GMAIL.COM. Please note that if using PayPal, there is a $3 fee per $95 sent (i.e. $98, $196, etc).

    Q. At what point in time am I charged late fees if I submit my maintenance after the due date, and what is the late fee?

    Late fees are assessed as of the 21th of the month if payment has not been received. The late fee is $25.

    Q. When might the maintenance fee be increased, and how will I find out?

    A. The maintence fee would only increase if expenses to operate and maintain Nova Village were to increase, such as landscaping costs and pool maintenence costs, etc.

    In the event of a pending increase in the amount of the maintenance fee, you will be notified via the monthly newsletter and will receive a reminder in the mail one month before the increase is to go into effect.

    Q. Who do I contact if I have maintenance-related problems with my property?

    A. All maintenence problems can be submitted by e-mail, using the Contact Us link above. The e-mails are checked frequently and all issues are promptly routed to the correct person to handle your problem.

    You can also drop a note in the door slot at the maintenance shed.
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  • Parking

    Q. Can I park on my own grass to wash my car or to unload materials?

    A. No. There is no parking permitted on the grass at any time for any reason.

    Q. Why can't I park in the cul-de-sacs?

    A. Parking in the cul-de-sacs hinders the free-flow of traffic and passage of large and/or emergency response vehicles.

    Q. When is parking around the lake allowed?

    A. Parking around the lake is permitted for guests and for any personal use vehicles that do not fit completely in your driveway. Vehicles should only be parked next to the grass, with all 4 tires on the pavement.

    Q. Who is allowed to park in the guest parking spaces?

    A. Guests. These spaces are not intended for additional resident parking.

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  • Nuclear Family

    Q. What is a nuclear family?

    A. A nuclear family is currently defined as a married or unmarried couple and their children.

    Q. If I have a sick relative or one who has fallen on hard times, what can I do?

    A. You may submit a written request to the Board for a temporary exception, explaining the circumstances and estimated amount of time that will be needed.

    Once that request is received, the Board will deliberate on or before the next scheduled meeting and notify you of their decision.

    Written requests should be mailed to: Nova Village HOA, 2285 Nova Village Drive, Davie, FL 33317. They can also be e-mailed to

    Q. Can I rent out space or a room in my house?

    A. No.

    Q. How long must I own my unit before I can rent it out to someone?

    A. The current rule regarding property rental is that you must own your unit at Nova Village for two (2) years BEFORE you may rent it out.

    However, before doing so, you must contact the Board and comply with all proper procedures for rentals including Rental Application, Deposit and Tenant Screening.

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  • Dogs

    Q. Can I have a dog? Are there any size or weight limits?

    A. Yes, you can have a dog. There are no size/weight limitations. However, Pit Bulls are not permitted in Nova Village.

    Q. Where can I walk my dog?

    A. You can walk your dog in the common areas around either lake. It is your responsibility to pick up your pet's waste and place it in the disposal stations provided. Waste bags are also provided for your convenience.

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  • Pool Rules

    • No Lifeguard on duty - Swimming is at your own risk
    • Shower before entering the pool
    • Children under 13 must be accompanied
    • No food, glass, or animals allowed
    • No diving or jumping from pool ladders
    • No swinging or hanging from canopy frame
    • Resident key and pass required to enter pool area
    • Pool furniture must remain in pool area
    • Residents are responsible for guests

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    Hurricane Shutter Rules

    Hurricane shutters, regardless of the type used, may not be put up until a hurricane is in the area or predicted by the National Hurricane Center to potentially affect Broward County. Generally, this would be indicated by our location being included in the graphical presentation of the 'Cone of Strike Possibilities' used to communicate the projected path of a hurricane.

    Hurricane shutters may not stay in place longer than one week after a storm has passed, unless the conditions noted above are again present. If applicable, any holes in the wood or stucco resulting from the removal of the hurricane shutters must be filled in and touched up with matching paint when the shutters are removed.

    Under no circumstances can hurricane shutters be used to secure a property in the event that the resident/owner will be away for an extended period of time, including during hurricane season. In this case, it is appropriate for the resident/owner to make arrangements with a neighbor or service company to install their shutters in accordance with the conditions noted above.

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  • Exterior Painting Rules

    Q. What colors can I use to paint my house?

    A. Only colors included in the paint palette book will be approved by the Board.

    Q. Can I just repaint my house the same color it is now?

    A. NO! Painting your house the same color is NOT an option, unless your current colors are on the new paint pallete. Even if they are, you must still follow the procedure and secure Board approval before painting.

    Q. When do I have to paint?

    A. The next mandatory repaint does not occur until between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2020, unless you are notified you must do so sooner in accordance with our Governing Documents and Care and Appearances of Premises.

    Q. What brand of paint can I use?

    A. Though the colors in the book are from ColorWheel, you can use any paint you want as long as the colors are an exact match for one of the approved ColorWheel colors.

    Q. Do I need to get approval from the Board if I choose colors that are in the book?

    A. YES! Even when you choose from the paint palette book, you MUST submit the "Architectural Change Request Form" to the board listing the colors you have chosen and how you will use them. You cannot start to paint without first submitting the form and getting approval from the Board. If you paint without first getting approval from the Board, you are subject to fines and possibly having to paint again in Board-approved colors.

    Q. Is there a different form for townhouses and villas?

    A. YES! If you are in a townhouse or villa, you and your attached neighbors must submit the "Townhouse & Villa Paint Request" Form, which must be signed by a majority of the attached unit owners, and be approved by the Board BEFORE any of the units may begin painting.

    Q. Can I choose my own colors if I am in a townhouse or villa?

    A. NO! If you are in a townhouse or villa, you MUST choose paint colors with your attached neighbors. A majority of the attached homes must agree on the same color combination. All attached units MUST be painted the same colors. Q. How do I choose the colors in the book?

    A. The Paint Palette Book is divided into three groups: A Group, lighter colors; B Group, medium colors; C Group, darker colors. You can choose an A Group color and a B Group color OR a B Group color and a C Group color, OR an A Group color and a C Group color. You may NOT choose two colors from the same group.

    Q. Can I use three colors instead of just two?

    A. YES! You can choose to use two or three colors on your home. If you want to use three colors you must choose one (1) from each group: one A, one B and one C. You may NOT choose two colors from one group. The third color should be used on doors (front, back, garage, French) and/or wooden shutters.

    Q. I'm not good at choosing colors. Is there someone who can help me?

    A. If you are having trouble picking a color combination, you can use one of the "Suggested Color Combinations" we have already selected and placed in the back of the Paint Palette book.

    Q. Do I have to paint my front door?

    A. If your front door is not stained wood, you must paint it in one of the colors of your home.

    Q. Do I have to paint my garage door?

    A. YES! Your garage door must be painted one of the colors of your home.

    Q. Does the lighter color have to be on the stucco of my house?

    A. No. You can choose to use the darker color on your trim and lighter color on the stucco OR you can put the darker color on the stucco and the lighter color on the trim.

    Q. How much time do I have to get my house painted? A. If you are in a single family home, you have 2 weeks from the start date until your house must be finished. If you are in a townhouse or villa, ALL the attached units must be completely painted within 60 days.

    Q. If I need a form or have some other questions about painting, who can I contact?

    A. If you need forms or more information you can contact our office via email Office. You can also download and print your own form from the FORMS section of our website.

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