nova village townhomes, Davie, Florida


    The 2015-2016 Financial Review for Nova Village has been completed. Copies are available to unit owners upon request.

    Monthly Maintenence Fee

    The monthly maintenance fee is currently $95, due on the first of each month. This fee covers lawn maintenance for your home, pool maintenance and common area maintenance, as well as general operating expenses for Nova Village.

    Owners are responsible for maintaining hazard insurance, flood insurance (if required or desired), tree and landscaping maintenance. Owners are also required to maintain the roof and entire exterior of their unit, including painting every 10 years.

    Listed below are the budgeted expenses and approximate monthly amounts that are included in the Association's budget:

    Adminstrative Services $1600.00

    Maintenance Contractor $1440.00*

    Special Events $125.00*

    Accounting Services $133.33*

    Bank Charges $0.00

    Insurance $700.00**

    License, Fees, Permits $43.75**

    Legal Fees $800.00*

    Admin/Office Supplies $200.00**

    Sprinkler System Maintenance $600.00*

    Landscaping Maintenance $416.66**

    Pool Maintenance $390.00*

    Tree Maintenance $475.00**

    Lake Maintenance $166.67**

    General Repairs $808.33**

    Electric $1,200.92*

    Water & Sewage $100.00*

    Lawn Maintenance $2,750.00*

    Security $416.00**

    Sanitation $417.00*

    Exterminator $768.00

    Transfer to Road Reserve Fund $833.33**

    Transfer to General Reserve Fund $833.67**

    TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSE DISBERSMENT: $15,580.00 ($95 x 164 units)

    *Amounts that are subject to change due to bill fluctuation.

    **Earmarked funds for use as needed throughout the year.

    Items included in the General Repairs budget:

    Street Light Repair

    Holiday Lighting Upgrades

    Mulch replacement

    Curb & Roadmarks painting

    Lake Ramp painting

    Cleaning Supplies

nova village tree and lake
queen palm tree at nova village